We are representatives of the main export sector in Guatemala, distinguished nationally and internationally as an integrated, competitive, responsible, agile, versatile and flexible sector.
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about the industry

Why Guatemala?

Strategic location that mitigates risks. 3-day ocean transit delivery from Miami!

Guatemala produces a wide range of high quality yarn, yarns, textiles and apparel for outdoor, casual wear, children's wear, sportswear, uniforms and workwear.

Brands that trust in Guatemala


VESTEX provides companies with comprehensive services specialized in different areas:


VESTEX offers advice on compliance with international product requirements, national environmental legislation, monitoring and promotion of global environmental and sustainability trends and certifications.

Market Access

Advice to exporters on the understanding and effective application of trade agreements in their exports.


VESTEX advises and guides the exporter on compliance with national legislation on tax, accounting and legal issues applicable to the industry and companies 29-89.


Permanent advice, promotion and dissemination of local and international labor legislation. Turning labor issues into a competitive advantage for companies in the sector.

Korean Sector

Exclusive services to Korean businessmen, providing them with advice and information on the sector in their language.


VESTEX performs consulting, measurements and surveillance monitoring of industrial hygiene conditions during work. As well as the execution of the program of prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.

Commercial Promotion

VESTEX fosters an international network of contacts to promote the capabilities of Guatemala's apparel and textile industry and generate potential interest in new lines of production, taking advantage of tools such as its sectoral directory, its textile fair "Apparel Sourcing Show" and the organization of international visits to promote the exploration of new export markets.


Directory of the Apparel and Textile Industry in Guatemala with all the subsectors spinning, dyeing, weaving, laundry, finishing, garment making, hosiery, hosiery, narrow fabrics, machinery and suppliers.


Would you like to join VESTEX?

Join the apparel and textile sector as a member of Agexport within the VESTEX commission and receive the support of institutions with more than 30 years of experience in exports.

Invest in Guatemala

Due to the growing interest of global companies in exploring nearshoring and new diversification strategies, VESTEX is supporting investors from their prospecting phase to the start of their operation in Guatemala.

Calendar of events


The social face of the apparel and textile industry

Created in 2011 with the objective of projecting ourselves socially as -VESTEX- to provide humanitarian assistance, especially in the impact areas of the apparel and textile sector.


The Academy of the Textile Industry

AIT was created by VESTEX with the objective of providing the businessman with a place where he can find comprehensive support and specific knowledge to professionalize or train his human resources, in order to remain competitive.

Apparel Sourcing Show

The only trade show in Central America that brings together the complete supply chain of the textile and apparel industry, demonstrating its capabilities and competitive advantages, regional industry trends and opening new business opportunities with regional partners.