About the industry

In Guatemala, we have an apparel and textile cluster that covers the complete supply chain, including spinning, textiles, garment manufacturing, finishing services, machinery, and accessories. This integrated approach enables us to produce and export products with higher added value, making us Central America's most organized and integrated industry.

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Why Guatemala?

Guatemala stands out as the perfect choice to satisfy the sourcing strategies of international companies. Its industry presents a diversified cluster that concentrates the entire supply chain in one place, offering flexibility and a strategic location just 4 days by sea transit from the United States.
This proximity allows for an agile response to market demands, facilitating better inventory management. In addition, many companies have certifications that support their commitment to sustainability, ensuring responsible practices and confidence in business operations in the apparel and textile industry.
Guatemala is one of the main countries supplying clothing to the U.S. market.

Main export categories

Guatemala's apparel and textile industry offers everything from spinning to the final finishing of garments. Knitted, woven, flat, warp and circular knit textiles are also offered. Currently, the industry works with cotton fibers, synthetics and blends, as well as recycled polyester and cotton fibers.

Value chain

In Guatemala, the industry functions as an integrated cluster, which makes the operation of textile companies efficient.

What is manufactured in Guatemala?

Guatemala has an extensive and varied production of garments, with 89% of them in knitted fabrics and 11% in woven fabrics. We are a diversified industry that exports more than 30 product categories.
The main clothing categories include:

Activewear & Sportwear

Sports and training apparel


Coats, jackets and coats


Casual wear




Work clothes


Children's clothing

Trade Agreements

A free trade agreement (FTA) is an agreement established between two or more countries with the objective of facilitating the exchange of goods and services between them, eliminating or reducing tariff and non-tariff barriers by establishing trade, labor and environmental conditions that members must comply with.

Agreements in force in Guatemala that benefit the apparel and textile sector.


United States, Central America and Dominican Republic


Central America - European Union Association Agreement

Mexico - Central America

Central America - Panama

Guatemala - Taiwan

Applies only for export

Northern Triangle - Colombia

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras

Guatemala - Cuba

Guatemala - Venezuela

Guatemala - Ecuador

Guatemala - Chile

Guatemala - Belize

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